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Simple Tricks to Removing Interior Stains

Simple Tricks to Removing Interior Stains

Scrub Ninja MAX Interior Cleaning

Simple Tricks to Removing Interior Stains

When it comes to owning a vehicle, keeping the interior clean is just as important as maintaining the exterior appearance. However, spills and stains are inevitable, and before you know it, your car's interior can go from looking pristine to unpleasant. Fortunately, removing car interior stains doesn't require expensive equipment or products. In this article, we will cover some effective methods to get your car's interior looking like new again.

Start with the Right Tools and Cleaning Products

Before you begin cleaning your car's interior, you'll need to gather all of your supplies. The tools and cleaning products necessary for this task include a vacuum, interior cleaner solution, microfiber towels, a scrub brush, and a carpet extractor.

To remove stains from your car's interior surfaces, you'll need a high-quality interior cleaner. There are many interior cleaners available in the market, but it is recommended to use P&S Interior Cleaner or American Detailer Garage F-Bomb diluted 20 to 1 as they both effectively remove dirt and stains from car interiors without leaving a strong scent or residue.

Before applying any cleaning products, vacuum the entire interior, including the seats, carpets, and the headliner. This will remove all loose dirt, debris, and dust, making your cleaning job easier and more efficient.

Scrub Away Stains

For stubborn stains and dirt build-up, use a scrub brush or mitt, such as the Scrub Ninja, on the surface using the interior cleaner. The Scrub Ninja is especially useful for removing dirt and stains from areas such as the steering wheel and armrests.

To remove stains from upholstered seats, use a carpet extractor. A carpet extractor thoroughly removes any dirt and stains in one go, leaving the seats looking clean and spotless. Remember to use diluted F-Bomb for a fresh and clean scent.

Use the same interior cleaner and Scrub Ninja to clean your car's headliner. Work in small areas, and remember not to over-saturate the surface; otherwise, you may damage the headliner.

Dry and Air Out

Finally, once you have cleaned the interior of your car, let the air out, and allow the vehicle to sit with the windows open for a short while. This will allow the interior to dry completely before closing everything up.

With the right tools, cleaning products, and techniques, removing interior stains from your vehicle is an easy and efficient process. Regular maintenance and proper cleaning will not only preserve your car's interior appearance but also keep it safe for driving. Avoid using excessive amounts of cleaning products that may create a greasy finish or add artificial smells, leading to a more significant problem. Remember to maintain a fresh, clean scent in your vehicle by using products such as a diluted F-Bomb by American Detailer Garage, which doesn't leave a strong scent behind.

Need a walkthrough of the interior cleaning process? Check out Matt demonstrate detailing techniques here


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