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Wheel & Tire

Most detailers prefer darker (like black) towels for wheel and tire cleaning. Our [Wheel Fingers] and [Wheel Flip] towels are ideal for cleaning wheels with ease. 

Use [F-Bomb] 10:1 in and [IK Foam] Sprayer to clean the wheels. Protect and shine your wheel and tires with [Manett's Mega Shine]. Browse our automotive wheel and tire cleaning products below:

  • Oberk Chemical Tire Cleaner
    Oberk Chemical Tire Cleaner
    from $ 11.95

    Tire Cleaner

    Clinging Formula Deep Cleaning Power OEM New Tire Finish Rinse or Wipe Clean Oberk Tire Cleaner is Great for White Walls Directions: Use this ca...

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    from $ 11.95
  • from $ 16.90

    Dynamic Dressing

    P&S Dynamic Dressing is a versatile product that can be used for a variety of car exterior or interior dressing applications, such as tires, ex...

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    from $ 16.90