[Saver Block & Refill] Coating Applicator Foam Block with Size Velcro and Refill Saver Sheets with Barrier Layer (3.5 in. x 2 in. x 1 in.) - 12 pack

$ 13.95

[Noodle] Car Wash Pad 9"x9"

$ 12.95

[Mitt on a Stick PRO] Adjustable Wash Tool with 360 Locking Head - Short Pole (21" to 47")

From $ 69.00 - $ 74.00

[Mitt on a Stick PRO] Adjustable Wash Tool with 360 Locking Head - Long Pole (35" to 83")

From $ 79.00 - $ 84.00

[BREEZE] Glass & Mirror Cleaner - Pint (16 oz.)

$ 11.99

Amphibian Mini - Microfiber Glass Towel (8 in. x 8 in., 1100gsm) - 3 pack

$ 12.95

Microfiber Products for Auto Detailing and Car Care

At Autofiber, we have been designing and manufacturing microfiber detailing products for over 20 years. We are committed to solving problems for professional detailers and auto enthusiasts, alike.

We make everything a detailer will need:

- Microfiber drying towels, like the [Dreadnought] and [Amphibian].

- Patented [Saver Applicators] for ceramic coating application.

- The softest towels you will every use, like the [Korean Plush] and [Motherfluffer].

- Wash Mitts and Pads, like the [Dragon] and [Wash Monster].

- Glass Towels for streak free glass, like the [Amphibian Mini], and [No Streak Freak].

- The famous [Scrub Ninja] scouring sponges for cleaning leather, plastic and vinyl.

$ 36.00

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