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[Tire Saver] Dressing Applicator with Barrier Layer (4 in. x 3 in. x 2 in.) 2 pack

$ 9.95

[ZenMop Shop Mop] Microfiber Mop for Epoxy, Concrete or Garage Tiles

$ 69.42

[Barrel Blade] Wheel Brush

$ 44.95

[Reacher Glass Kit] Smooth Glass Flip Towels & Reacher Extension Tool + 3 pack

$ 29.95

Microfiber Products for Auto Detailing and Car Care

At Autofiber, we have been designing and manufacturing microfiber detailing products for over 20 years. We are committed to solving problems for professional detailers and auto enthusiasts, alike.

We make everything a detailer will need:

- Microfiber drying towels, like the [Dreadnought] and [Amphibian].

- Patented [Saver Applicators] for ceramic coating application.

- The softest towels you will every use, like the [Korean Plush] and [Motherfluffer].

- Wash Mitts and Pads, like the [Dragon] and [Wash Monster].

- Glass Towels for streak free glass, like the [Amphibian Mini], and [No Streak Freak].

- The famous [Scrub Ninja] scouring sponges for cleaning leather, plastic and vinyl.

$ 36.00

Join our Towel of the Month Club!

Do you LOVE microfiber towels? 

Do you want to get a feel for the difference between our different Microfiber Towels for Auto Detailing? 

  • We will send you 1 towel each month for 12 months
One Month with our Towel club you... Read More
Black Friday Sale 2022

Black Friday Sale 2022

New [Mitt on a Stick] Infinite Pole

New Features:  Angled End  Sectional  Full Foam Grip   Angled End The angle bend (8 degree) at the end of the pole allows access to higher horizontal surfaces, like roofs... Read More
New [Mitt on a Stick] Infinite Pole
Introducing Barrel Blade Wheel Brush

Introducing Barrel Blade Wheel Brush

Clean dirt and grime deep into the barrels of your wheels, between spokes and other hard-to-reach areas with this flexible tool. It comes with a removable and replaceable plush microfiber cover that is... Read More

Water Use Restrictions? How to do a Rinseless Wash.

Water (Drought) Restrictions? Use Rinseless Wash. What is a Rinseless Wash? A Rinseless Wash is a car wash process that removes the “rinse” step. You replace your traditional, high-foaming, car... Read More
Water Use Restrictions? How to do a Rinseless Wash.