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Saver Applicators by Autofiber: The Ultimate Solution in Minimizing Waste and Maximizing Efficiency

Saver Applicators by Autofiber: The Ultimate Solution in Minimizing Waste and Maximizing Efficiency

Saver Applicators for Coatings | Autofiber

At Autofiber, we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our offerings. Allow us to introduce you to the design ingenuity behind one of our flagship products; our Saver Applicators. You might have even encountered these at industry events like SEMA, where we showcased the unique internal composition of this popular product.

Autofiber Saver Applicators | Hydrophobic Barrier to Save Product

Our Saver Applicators stand out from the competition thanks to their innovative design aimed at minimizing waste. Each applicator features a durable foam core wrapped in a unique barrier layer.  This industry-leading construction not only saves product but also keeps your hands free of mess, courtesy of the hydrophobic layer that prevents seepage through.

Saver Applicator Sizes | Ceramic Coating Applicators

Saver Applicators are even available in a variety of sizes, including thin, thick, and mini-sized options allowing for versatile use depending on the specific project and coating being applied. 

Our commitment to delivering superior performance extends beyond just variety; it is further demonstrated through rigorous testing. When pitted against competitors' applicators under the test of water exposure, Saver Applicators stand out by showcasing superior barrier technology. When subjected to water, competitor applicators allowed seepage, whereas our Saver Applicator demonstrated superior barrier technology with no residue or product seeping through.

Whether you select the mini or the thick Saver Applicator, you're choosing a tool crafted for optimal performance and efficiency. We invite you to experience the Autofiber difference firsthand with our Saver Applicators. Trust in a product that enhances your work and saves your business money.

Mini Saver Applicators from Autofiber

Thick Saver Applicator from Autofiber for Ceramic Coatings

Thin Savers from Autofiber for Ceramic Coatings

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