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Mitt on a Stick PRO with Wash Monster Cover

Detailing Large Vehicles Made Easy With the Mitt on a Stick

Cleaning large vehicles can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to hard-to-reach areas such as roofs and high windows. That's where the Mitt on a Stick accessory comes in handy, made by Autofiber. This innovative tool makes it easy to clean areas that are challenging to access with traditional cleaning methods. Learn how to detail your large vehicles with Mitt on a Stick!

Mitt on a Stick Cleaning Large SUV

What Is the Mitt on a Stick?

The Mitt on a Stick is a versatile multi-section tool that can be extended to reach high areas, making it perfect for cleaning large vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, farm equipment, campers, and so much more. Designed to save you both time and effort, the combination of the multi-section design and rotating head makes it easy to navigate around the vehicle, even in hard-to-reach areas. Its high-quality materials and precision cleaning abilities make it a must-have tool for serious vehicle owners and professional cleaners alike.

The Mitt on a Stick is designed with practicality and convenience in mind, featuring a cover that is not only interchangeable but also machine washable. This key feature ensures users can easily wash the cover after each use, effectively eliminating trapped dirt and preventing cross-contamination. Plus, the additional option of exchanging the cover adds a layer of versatility, as users can choose different types of covers tailored to specific cleaning tasks. Be it removing dust, cleaning surfaces, or dealing with stubborn grime, there's a cover to handle it.

Mitt on a Stick with Wash Monster Cover

Where Can I Get a Mitt on a Stick?

To experience the Mitt on a Stick's benefits and make vehicle cleaning less of a chore, go grab one from Autofiber today!

Grab a Mitt on a Stick PRO here

Shop our collection of Mitt on a Stick covers here

Watch Matt show off how he uses the Mitt on a Stick on our YouTube channel, below.

Mitt on a Stick Demonstration YouTube Autofiber

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