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ADG F-Bomb is the Multi-Purpose Cleaner For Every Detail Job

ADG F-Bomb is the Multi-Purpose Cleaner For Every Detail Job

F-Bomb | American Detailers Garage

American Detailer Garage F-Bomb Multi-Purpose Cleaner is one of the most versatile and effective automotive cleaning products in the market. With its ability to be diluted in various ratios, F-Bomb can be used for a wide variety of cleaning applications, from interior cleaning to wheel and tire cleaning and is available from a 16 oz to 5 gallon size.

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F-Bomb can be diluted into a 1:20 ratio for interior cleaning. This is an ideal ratio for removing stubborn stains without damaging the interior surfaces. Using a Scrub Ninja Pad with F-Bomb mixed in hot water creates an effective cleaning solution for any tough stains. Additionally, this ratio can be used in a Bissell or extractor for those difficult to remove stains.

The 1:4 ratio is mostly used for wheels that require extra cleaning power. When using this ratio, it is best to use a Wheel Paw and the Barrel Blade to clean the wheels. For tougher jobs, the Scrub Ninja Cover Barrel Blade can be used, which is indicated by the distinctive red handle.

The 1:10 ratio is the go-to choice for all-purpose cleaning. It is suitable for initial pre-soak for vehicles and great for PPF jobs before laying the film. It is the ratio that is most often used and is ideal for just about every cleaning scenario.

The F-Bomb cleaner can easily be applied to a dirty vehicle via a battery-operated sprayer. The soap base of F-Bomb provides lubrication, making it a perfect product for contactless washing. It can be left to sit for a short period to allow it to activate and loosen dirt, then washed off with a pressure washer. The 40-degree tip is recommended as it is the safest option. This method effectively removes dirt and tire shine without damaging the vehicle's surface.

American Detailer Garage F-Bomb Multi-Purpose Car Cleaner is a must-have product in any detailer's arsenal. With its multi-ratio dilution ability, it is suitable for any cleaning job, from tough stains to general-purpose cleaning.

Its effectiveness on contactless washing makes it perfect for mobile detailers as well. Overall, F-Bomb cleaner is a versatile and efficient product that is sure to impress. 

Want to more tips on F-Bomb dilution, storage & uses? Watch our full length tutorial video here: 

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