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Clean Your Wheels Like a Pro & Save Time with Autofiber

Clean Your Wheels Like a Pro & Save Time with Autofiber

You've undoubtedly noticed that many cars have wheels with brake dust and grime buildup. It can easily detract from the overall look of your car detailing work – but don't worry, there's a way to clean even the most caked-on dirt! In this blog post, we'll give you some tips and tricks professional vehicle detailers use to clean wheels in less time and with less fuss. We'll show you how to remove harmful contaminants while avoiding expensive damage to your wheel surfaces. You won't just be restoring their original shine but also protecting them from future build-up, so read on to learn how to clean car wheels like a pro and gain more insight into getting those wheels shining like new!

Keeping your wheels clean and pristine is essential to your car's overall appearance and health. However, not all cleaning products are created equal. Using the right products and tools can make all the difference in achieving the desired results.


Step #1: Soap and Soak

The first step to cleaning your wheels like a pro is to liberally spray or soak them with a multi-purpose cleaner such as American Detailer Garage F-Bomb, diluted 10-1. This powerful cleaner breaks down tough dirt and brake dust quickly and easily. Allow the product to work for a few minutes to loosen stubborn debris before proceeding with any further cleaning steps.

Autofiber Wheel Cleaning

Step #2 Scrub a Dub

Once your wheels and tires are thoroughly soaked with ADG F-Bomb, you will want to choose an appropriate tool to begin agitating the dirt and grit on your wheels. Remember to pick a tool that won't cause any scratches on your rims while cleaning and clean the tool frequently during the process to ensure that you don't spread any dirt and grime around.

The Autofiber Barrel Blade is an excellent tool for the job. It's designed for easy navigation between calipers and narrow spokes without fear of scratching up those rims. This bendable Barrel Blade has a firm yet flexible structure that gets into all the hard-to-reach areas, providing maximum cleaning power. You can also switch between the plush microfiber cover and the Scrub Ninja Cover for even more versatility.

Another highly recommended tool for this task is the Autofiber Wheel Paw. This ultra-durable, plush microfiber cleaning mitt features a thumb and two independent finger sections. It enables you to reach into tight spaces for optimal cleaning ability.

Once your rims have been given a good scrub, it's time to tackle those pesky tires. For this step, a scrub brush can provide maximum cleaning power. Scrub the surfaces of your tires with the brush, ensuring you've reached all angles. The bristles penetrate deep into grooves to remove any dirt or grime hidden between nooks and crevices.

Autofiber How to Clean Your Wheels Like a Pro

Step #3: Rinse and Repeat (If Needed)

Start by rinsing the wheel well arch with your hose. Make sure to direct the nozzle of the hose toward the dirtiest areas to loosen any built-up debris. Then, slowly work your way down from the arch to ensure that all dirt has been removed.

Repeat steps one and two until your wheels are as clean as possible. Remember that if your wheels have been neglected, it may take a couple of rounds of washing before you can achieve the desired results.

 Autofiber Wheel Cleaning

Step #4 Dry, Dry, Dry

After a thorough car wash, nothing is worse than leaving water spots on your rims and tires. That's where an air gun and the Autofiber Wheel Flip come in to save the day. The Wheel Flip is designed to absorb water quickly and efficiently, leaving your rims and tires dry and spotless. And with the air gun, you can easily blow away any remaining water droplets, ensuring a pristine finish. Say goodbye to unsightly water spots and hello to perfectly clean rims and tires!

Autofiber Tire Shine 

Step #5 Protect and Shine Your Tires

To ensure your wheels receive the best protection against cracking, fading, discoloration, and oxidation, use American Detailer Garage Unity Tire & Trim Conditioner Dressing. This conditioner is specially formulated to provide a protective barrier against grime, dirt, and other debris that can cause abrasive damage over time.

To apply Unity properly and evenly across the surface of your tires without wasting excess product, use a Saver Applicator. This applicator is designed to prevent the product from soaking through the microfiber into the sponge while providing an easy way to grip and apply the dressing. Once you have applied a thin layer of Unity Tire & Trim Conditioner Dressing across the entire wheel and tire surface, let it dry completely. You will be left with a clean and shiny set of tires that look like new!

Now that you know the basics of how to clean car wheels like a pro, get out there and get them looking their best once again! With the right wheel cleaning tips, techniques and products cleaning up those rims and tires can be an easy task while also helping protect against future buildup allowing you more time to enjoy driving your vehicle free from dirt and grime. So go ahead, give it a try today and say hello to perfectly clean rims and tires. Enjoy!

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