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[Mitt on a Stick] Refill Cover - Scrub Ninja (Nylon Brush)

$ 13.95

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This is the most aggressive scrubbing cover, made with our Scrub Ninja nylon brush material. Great for cleaning extra dirty surfaces, like boat decks and gelcoat.

The cover is removable, changeable, and launderable. It fully wraps around the foam head and snaps together firmly on the tool.

Microfiber Refill Cover for the [Mitt on a Stick] extendable carwash mop and [Mitt on a Stick PRO] locking swivel car wash brush

- Scrub Ninja (Nylon Brush) Cover

Care Instructions: Rinse out the pad in cool water. Can be cleaned with diluted APC or Micro-Restore. Rinse thoroughly. Let air dry.