Extendable Wash Tool - Long Pole  (41 in. to 85 in.)

[Mitt on a Stick] Wash Tool - Long Pole (41" to 85") - Car Wash Brush, Mop, Mitt

$ 59.00
Cover Material
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Vehicle Washing Made Easy!

  • Stop Reaching into your Bucket
  • Stop Bending Over for the Lower Panels
  • Stop Standing on your toes for the Roof

Fits in a 5 Gallon Bucket

Fixed Head Design For Control

Flexible & Forgiving Head

Gentle Washing with Flexible Foam Head

The Microfiber Cover fully wraps the foam head. 

Reach High and Low 

Three Piece Aluminum Telescoping Pole Adjusts 36" to 84"

Removable Microfiber Cover Options:

Noodle Microfiber (Chenille)

Plush Microfiber (High Pile)