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[Zero Cuff] Microfiber Twist Wash/Glass Mitt (7 in. x 9 in.) 1 pack

$ 10.00
Color: Blue/Gray

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The Zero Cuff Twist Pile Mitt is great for glass cleaning, car washing or interior cleaning. 

Made from the same material as the famous Dreadnought Drying Towel, the Zero Cuff twist pile microfiber car wash mitt is gentle but more aggressive than other microfiber materials.

Use wet for car washing or dry for window cleaning. Put your hand in the microfiber wash mitt or insert the Reacher Tool to extend your reach.

Pack Qty:1

Size: 7"x9"

Weight: 1100 GSM

Blend: 80/20

Material: Twist

Edge Type: Banding

Made in China