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[Sort & Store Bucket Bag] Microfiber Towel Organizing Bags (1 pack)

$ 8.95

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Keep your microfiber towels organized and sorted with this simple system of labeled and color coded microfiber towel storage bags.

Choose the microfiber towel organizer bags to fit your towel sorting system.

You might need 4 microfiber bags, or you might need 8, depending on how you organize and sort your towels. 

The microfiber towel organizer bags are designed to fit perfectly in an standard 5 gallon bucket, for easy filling. Simply place the bag in a bucket, wrap the opening edge around the bucket lip, fill the bag with folded towels, and pull it shut with the drawstring. 

These car towel storage bags are great for mobile detailers, and shops who want to keep their clean towels separated and organized.

The lightweight suede microfiber will protect your towels from debris and contamination, and will allow them to breath, helping to prevent the musty moldy smell associated with plastic bin storage. 


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Weight: 230 GSM

Blend: 80/20

Material: Suede

Edge Type: Stitched

Made in China