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Scrub Wall 180 for Dirt Lock (attachment only)

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$ 16.99
Color: Black

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Attaches into your Dirt Lock bucket filter (Sold separately) 

Each kit contains 180 degrees of coverage. Optional: Snap together another kit for full 360 degree bucket coverage!

    The Scrub Wall attachment for the Dirt Lock enhances its cleaning capabilities by adding a vertical component. To use, simply attach it to the Dirt Lock bucket filter and start scrubbing your wash tools such as wheel brushes and mitts. The Scrub Wall effectively captures and removes debris, keeping your wash water cleaner and ready for reuse. Regardless of the direction you move your wash media in the bucket, the Dirt Lock Scrub Wall 180/360 system ensures that debris is promptly filtered out. With this attachment, you don't have to sacrifice much space in your bucket.