[Dragon] Korean Car Wash Pad (9 in. x 8 in.) 1 pack

$ 15.95

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The [Dragon] Korean Car Wash Pad is made from an extra long pile microfiber material. At 9" x 8" you can place the pad gently between your hand and the car surface insuring that you apply the proper pressure for safe and effective washing. There is an opening at one end which facilitates the use of the pad as a mitt.

This wash pad doesn't have a foam core like the competition. Without the foam the pad is more manageable (lighter weight when soaked), and more durable (the foam tends to break down after repeated washings. It also allows the pad to freely flow and conform to contours. 

We suggest using this pad with a Grit Guard and Washboard, and a 2 bucket wash method, to insure that you are always wiping with a clean pad. When you are done blast the pad with your hose or pressure washer to remove any residue that is left behind. 



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