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[Reacher Glass Kit] Smooth Glass Flip Towels & Reacher Extension Tool + 3 pack

$ 29.95

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Reacher Tool.

** We have updated the look and design of the Reacher Tool to lower the profile so that you can reach into even tighter spaces. Plus, this glass cleaning tool looks way cooler now, too! **

This innovative glass cleaning towel design is constructed to make glass cleaning easier and more efficient.

This window washing cloth is folded and pre-sewn so that it is flipped and turned inside out after each towel section becomes over-saturated with product.

Use the twist side of the car window towels to clean and scrub the glass, use the smooth pile side to buff away any residue and moisture streak and lint free.

When those sides become oversaturated, flip the car window cleaning cloth inside out and continue cleaning your windows and mirrors.

Put your hand inside the pocket, an use as a mitt, for better control in tight and hard to reach places.

  • Tool measures at 15 inches
  • 500/200 gsm (twist/glass) or 500/400 gsm (Waffle/Twist)
  • 75/25
  • 8”x8 Double Flip Towel Design with MicroEdge -True Microfiber Edge