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Paint Coating Surface Prep

$ 17.71

P&S Paint Coating Surface Prep solution is a product that is used to clean paint surfaces before applying automotive coatings. It was specifically formulated for use with Inspiration as part of the P&S Double Black Renny Doyle Collection. The purpose of this solution is to remove wax, silicone, or other contaminants from the paint surface that could potentially hinder the performance of the coating. To use P&S Paint Coating Surface Prep, first make sure that paint correction has been completed and the paint surface is clean. Then, spray a heavy coating of the solution onto the paint surface and allow it to sit for 30 seconds. Wipe the surface clean using a frequently rotated towel to ensure proper product removal. Repeat the process over the entire vehicle. Before applying the coating, inspect the paint thoroughly to ensure that it is clean and ready for the coating.