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Absolute Rinseless Wash

$ 17.95

P&S Absolute Rinseless Wash is a highly effective, versatile cleaning solution that is designed to be used on a wide range of surfaces, including paint, coatings, wraps, PPF, trim, plastics, leather, and upholstery. Its unique formulation utilizes advanced polymers that are capable of encapsulating and emulsifying dirt and grime, making it more effective than traditional soap at removing tough stains and contaminants. P&S Absolute Rinseless Wash is specially designed to be safe and easy to use, and can be used anywhere, anytime, making this no rinse car wash an ideal choice for both professionals and enthusiasts alike. Its powerful cleaning action leaves surfaces clean and slick, without the risk of hard water spotting, and its advanced formulation ensures that it is safe and effective on all exterior and interior surfaces.

SKU F3632