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Oberk Defense Gel - Si02 Silica Sealant

$ 24.99

Oberk Defense Gel is an Si02 silica spray which creates an ultra slick anti-stick barrier of protection. It is easy to use and reduces the risk of streaks. 

Defense Gel Features

  • Intense slickness
  • Unmatched gloss
  • Hydrophobic vehicle protection
  • Si02 barrier to repel bugs, tar & water
  • Up to 10 vehicle applications*

Regular washing becomes easy with Defense Gel because it repels dirt and water so it won't stick to the paintwork in the first place!

Defense Gel Directions

1. Apply Defense Gel on microfiber applicator and apply to the painted surface. Apply evenly across the surface. Let sit for 2-3 minutes before removing with two separate towels. Once the product ‘sweats’ and separates into beading lines, it is ready to be removed with the first towel.

2. Use a low pile towel to remove the majority of the product on the initial wipe down.

3. Immediately follow with the second plush towel to remove any residue, streaking, or high spots for a perfect, glossy, and protected paint finish.