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MEGAnought - XXXL Twist Pile Microfiber Drying Towel (69 in. x 42 in., 1100gsm) - 1 pack

$ 69.42
Color: Green/Gray

As the countdown to SEMA 2022 began, the team at Autofiber was hard at work preparing for the biggest auto show of the year. Among their many new product releases was the MEGAnought Twist Pile Microfiber Drying Towel, a 69"x42" behemoth version of the revolutionary Dreadnought drying towel, which was sure to turn heads.

The MEGAnought was designed as a limited-edition-gag-display-product, meant to get a laugh out of visitors to the Autofiber booth. Its size was meant to be over-the-top and ridiculous, but as the team at Autofiber soon discovered, everyone wanted one.

Many detailers and car enthusiasts came by the booth and demand for the giant microfiber towel soared. Despite being a limited edition gag product, Autofiber was inundated with requests for the MEGAnought, and they quickly went into production to meet the demand.


  • 69”x42” XXXL towel
  • 1100 gsm
  • 75/25 blend
  • Hidden Edge - Inside Sewn
  • Made in China


Pack Qty:1

Size: 69"x42"

Weight: 1100 GSM

Blend: 75/25

Material: Twist

Edge Type: Edgeless

Made in China

SKU TT1100GYG6942-1