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Grit Guard Wash Bucket Insert

$ 9.95
Color: Black

Keep the grit from your mitt!

You are using premium microfiber towels, mitts and sponges to keep your car in pristine condition. Microfiber works so well because it grabs the dirt, grit and grime from your car surface with ease. It is vitally important that you only wipe your car's surface with a clean towel mitt or sponge. 

This is most important when washing your car. The Grit Guard Wash Bucket Insert fits in the bottom of your car wash bucket and prevents your wash medium (mitt, sponge, or towel) from floating to the bottom where it can pick up grit that will be wiped across your vehicle's surface. The largest pieces of grit float to the bottom of your bucket where they are entrapped by the elevated platform. 

The simple design of the Grit Guard insert divides the bottom of your bucket into four quadrants, and prevents the water, and debris at the bottom of your bucket from being swirled and swooshed up into your car wash tools!