[F-lint] Korean Glass & PPF Towels | Lint-Free (15 in. x 15 in. 200 gsm) 4 pack

Designer: Autofiber

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LINT-FREE MICROFIBER TOWELSThe no pile material surface, like a huck towel, and the tightly woven microfiber yarn makes these completely lint-free microfiber cloths.

SMOOTH GLIDE – The tightly packed microscopic fibers allow the material to glide across smooth surfaces like glass and paint with minimal friction.

ULTRA FINE YARN – The triple layer yarn is half the denier of other microfiber filaments. This allows the low pile weave to wipe with precision without causing scratches.

For PPF and Glass Cleaning– The lint free, smooth glide and ultra-fine yarn make this the perfect Korean glass towel for paint protection film (PPF) installation, and precision window and mirror cleaning.



Made in South Korea