[Barrel Blade] Wheel Brush with Scrub Ninja Cover

Designer: Autofiber

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$ 44.95
$ 44.95
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CAUTION: This cover is more aggresive than the other options. It can scratch delicate wheels especially painted black. 

This aggressive cover is paired with the red handle as a warning!!!

Clean dirt and grime between spokes, into the barrels of your wheels and on other hard-to-reach areas with ease using our microfiber wheel brush. We've designed this wheel brush with a plush microfiber cover to be strong, yet gentle. 

Flat Blade for Tight Sections - Reach between Calipers and Narrow Spokes

Firm and Bendable for Access and Leverage - Shape the Blade to Reach Around Sections and Provide Scrubbing Leverage

Removable Cover Options - Replaceable for Laundering - Material Options for Cleaning Ability and Aggressiveness - Covers snap onto the hardware securely

Just the Right Size - 19" in total length, the wheel cleaning brush sits above the water-line in your bucket - 12" Microfiber working end reaches deep.