[Barrel Blade] Wheel Brush with Dreadnought Cover (Medium Scrub)

Designer: Autofiber

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$ 44.95
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The Dreadnought Twist cover is thinner for tight spaces and medium aggressiveness to gently clean extra dirty wheels. We have applied a urethane coating to the twist fibers to stiffen them up to provide extra scrubbing ability. 

Clean dirt and grime between spokes, into the barrels of your wheels and on other hard-to-reach areas with ease using our microfiber wheel brush. We've designed this wheel scrubber brush with a plush microfiber cover to be strong, yet gentle. 

Flat Blade for Tight Sections - Reach between Calipers and Narrow Spokes

Firm and Bendable for Access and Leverage - Shape the Blade to Reach Around Sections and Provide Scrubbing Leverage

Removable Cover Options - Replaceable for Laundering - Material Options for Cleaning Ability and Aggressiveness - Covers snap onto the hardware securely

Just the Right Size - 19" in total length, the wheel cleaning brush sits above the water-line in your bucket - 12" Microfiber working end reaches deep.