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[Barrel Blade] Dreadnought Cover (Medium Scrub) - 3 pack

$ 19.95

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Dreadnought, Twist Pile Style, Microfiber Covers for the Barrel Blade Wheel Brush

  • Double Snap Connector attaches firmly to tool. 
  • Dreadnought Twist Pile 


The Dreadnought Twist Pile is great for gently cleaning dirty wheels. The fibers are stiffened with a urethane coating for increased aggressiveness.

This 3-pack of twist pile scrub microfiber refill covers is the perfect addition to your wheel cleaning kit, ensuring that you always have a fresh cover ready to use.

The Dreadnought Microfiber Cover is designed to fit snugly over the Autofiber Barrel Blade Wheel Brush, with a double snap connector that attaches firmly to the tool, ensuring that it stays in place during use. The nylon bristles are aggressive and easily cut through heavy break dust and grime.