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Amphibian Mini - Microfiber Glass Towel (8 in. x 8 in., 1100gsm) - 3 pack

$ 12.00
Color: Green

Amphibian Mini Glass Towel

Great for Glass!

Keep in your Glovebox, for emergencies!

The best of both worlds, half [Dreadnought] and half [Motherfluffer]. Use the twist pile side for the initial wipe, and follow up with the plush side to clean up any residual dampness and streaks on windows. 

The twist pile design of this mini microfiber cloth glides softly across paint glass and plastic surfaces, while absorbing streak free. This 1100 gsm microfiber car drying towel performs particularly well in windows and mirrors, and can still absorb streak free when slightly damp.


  • 8”x8”
  • 1100 gsm window cleaning microfiber cloth
  • 75/25 blend
  • Hidden Edge - Inside Sewn
  • Made in China
  • 3 Pack


Pack Qty:3

Size: 8"x8"

Weight: 1100 GSM

Blend: 75/25

Material: Mixed

Edge Type: Edgeless

Made in China

SKU TTX1100GYG88-3