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2 in 1 Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover

$ 89.95

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2-in-1 Wheel Cleaner from Oberk fills the void between chemical iron decon technology and foaming wheel cleaners. The advanced formula clings to vertical surfaces so that the iron reactive formula can get to work as it dwells. The thicker viscosity and foaming mixture of chemicals lifts and removes road contaminates and break dust, that end up on your wheels.
It is safe for use on chrome, aluminum, painted, powder coated surfaces and plastics.
• High foaming formula clings to surfaces for increased dwell time.
• pH Neutral formula is safe on aluminum, chrome, paint, powder coat and plastic surfaces.
• Changes from Green to Purple as the iron reacts to indicate proper dwell time.


Use in shade on cool surfaces.

1. Spray on DRY wheel surface and allow to dwell.

  • Can be used on wet surfaces, but applying to dry surfaces improves cling and dwell time.

2. Brush wheel face, spokes and barrel.
3. Thoroughly rinse with water.