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About Autofiber - History & Future

Autofiber is a family run business from San Diego, California. We have been developing, designing, and distributing microfiber cleaning products for the automotive industry for over 20 years.
It all started with a vision and a dream in 1995/96 when Dan Rammelkamp, a lifelong entrepreneur (former auto body and collision repair shop owner) was introduced to a little known textile called “the miracle cloth” aka microfiber.
He was thoroughly impressed with the absorption and cleaning ability, and understood, with his auto body background, that it could revolutionize the industry. 
It was a tough sell. The auto detailing industry was in it’s infancy stages, and the auto body world was entrenched in its ways. Everyone was using on cotton, and scared of polyester. 
Through sure will and old school sales he was able to build a solid business in the automotive, and other industries, over many years.
In 2001, Ian Rammelkamp, Dan’s son, fresh off of college graduation, couldn’t find a job (this was right after the dot com crash, and 9/11 was on the horizon), and wanted to start a business. 
He bought some cases of Microfiber towels from his father’s company, started selling on EBay. He saw the opportunity in the future of online commerce and built a few websites (, being one) on which to sell the microfiber products. 
Sales were good. Business was hard (much more difficult than school). Revenue continued to grow, and the business developed. 
In 2005, Dan and Ian decided to join forces. Along with Dan’s wife (Ian’s mother) Barbara, they formed a California S-Corporation. 
As the business developed, they focused on wholesale distribution, and product design, and services multiple industries (automotive, janitorial, hospitals, sports). Through their partnership with many great wholesale customers they worked with factories in Asia to develop products and designs that solved real problems, always focusing on high quality products, with creative design and premium materials.
The Present
Fast forward to 2014 and microfiber is exploding. Everyone in the auto detailing and automotive industry is familiar. It is no longer a tough sell. You can go down to the corner store and buy cheap “microfiber” rags for almost nothing. 
It is hard for customers to tell the difference between high quality products and low quality knock-offs. To most users microfiber is just a buzz word, and they don’t know that there is an entire universe of Microfiber product which vary in multiple dimensions, and can be a wide range of quality. 
 The family business would come out with a new product or design and other companies would copy the way it looked, with lower quality components, in an attempt to market it as the same product at a lower price. A true “race to the bottom”.
It was decided that the best way to combat the low quality copy-cat knock-offs was to create and develop a brand around the products that represents quality and excellence. 
AUTOFIBER was resurrected. 
(The original Autofiber site was built in 2003, but was put on the back burner as the wholesale microfiber business took off.)
Autofiber, is a brand that represents quality, excellence and creative design. We set ourselves apart from the competition because we have the experience and knowledge to solve problems in the industry. We have been doing it for over 20 years! 
We have daily conversations with our customers, know how to listen, and take their feedback to develop new products that solve real problems. 
We have decade long relationships with manufacturers all over Asia, who can help us translate the solutions to functional products.
The Future
We have many new products in development. We will continue to solve problems for professional detailers and auto enthusiasts, alike. 
We continue to work with the best detailers in the industry, to identify issues that require resolution.
We work with the best factories and continue to improve our manufacturing chain and processes year after year.
Here is to another 20 years of MICROFIBER EXCELLENCE!