Dreadnought MAX XXL - Triple Layer Microfiber Twist Pile Drying Towel (30 in. x 40 in., 1400gsm) - 1 pack

Designer: Autofiber

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Color: Red/Black

Pack Qty: 1
Size: 30"x40"

GSM is "grams per square meter". It represents the weight of the material one meter square. Larger numbers are heavier, with more microfiber and more absorbent.

Blend is the ratio of polyester to polyamide. Higher ratio of polyamide is usually softer and more absorbent.

Material is the type of weave and physical feel of the surface yarn.

Examples: Terry, Suede, Waffle-Weave, Twist.

Made in China

The Dreadnought MAX Original is the next evolution in drying towels!

Made with a long pile twist microfiber weave, with an extra layer of microfiber sandwiched in-between, the third layer helps wick away moisture from the surface loops and prevents moisture from soaking through to the other side. The extra layer also makes the towel more firm and easier to gently fling across horizontal surfaces, using the pull-dry method. 

The innovative design has interior sewn edges, and center stitching, for structural integrity and durability. The 30"x40" extra large car drying towel is great for bigger vehicles like trucks and SUV's.

The twist pile design glides softly across paint glass and plastic surfaces, while absorbing completely streak free. The high pile, soft and thick, extra-large microfiber towel performs particularly well in windows and mirrors, and can still absorb streak free when slightly damp.

  • 30”x40”
  • 1400 gsm (Triple Layer Design)
  • 75/25 blend
  • Hidden Edge - Inside Sewn
  • Made in China