[Mitt on a Stick] Wash Tool (61" Pole) - Car Wash Brush, Mop, Mitt

$ 67.99
Cover Material
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Vehicle Washing Made Easy!

  • Stop Reaching into your Bucket
  • Stop Bending Over for the Lower Panels
  • Stop Standing on your toes for the Roof

Fits in a 5 Gallon Bucket

Fixed Head Design For Control

Flexible & Forgiving Head

Gentle Washing with Flexible Foam Head

The Microfiber Cover fully wraps the foam head. 

Reach High and Low 

Three Piece Foam Padded with Bent End- Pole 61"

Removable Microfiber Cover Options:

Noodle Microfiber (Chenille)

Plush Microfiber (High Pile)