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[The Last Cut] Compounding Glaze - Pint (16 oz.)

$ 30.98

The Last Cut – Compounding Glaze

  • Heavy defect removal – zero fillers
  • Extended product work time
  • Easy product removal
  • High Lubrication to reduce surface heat build-up
  • Versatile – Compatible with Microfiber, Wool, and Foam Pads

The Last Cut Compounding Glaze is designed by a detailer for detailers and body shop users. Versatility is key and this product gives its user full control over aggression/finishing ability based on pad choice. Its main purpose is to remove scratches and swirls while leaving a glossy finish on light or dark colored painted/clear-coated surfaces. On harder paints, its one step capabilities can be explored. Best results are achieved using Dual Action and Rotary Polisher. This Silicone free formula contains NO FILLERS; showing true results after use.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. Make sure surface is clean, dry and free of contaminates. Bonded contaminates should be removed using a clay bar or equivalent method. Do not use on surfaces that are excessively hot to the touch. TLC my be used in direct sunlight if necessary but product performance can not be guaranteed. When using a dual-action polisher, apply three dime size amounts to a foam, micro-fiber or wool hook and loop pad and work on a 24”x24” area. The product abrasives are diminishing therefore it needs to be spread over the polishing area preferably with a hand motion and not slow machines speeds. Paint correction speed will vary based on pad selection however speed #5 or #6 in generally preferred for defect removal. Work product into paint using slow back and forth, up and down motions until polish turns clear. When using a high-speed rotary polisher, equip machine with a foam or wool pad. Set RPMs at 1500 and use a slow back and forth motion until polish turns clear. Remove residue using a clean, dry microfiber towel. For best results, your choice of sealant can be applied for a long-lasting shine and protection.


Size: Pint (16 oz.)

Made in the USA