[Multi Flip] Four Weave Microfiber Towels - Mesh | Twist | Plush | Waffle (8 in. x 8 in., 500/400/360/300 gsm) 3 pack

Designer: Autofiber

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GSM is "grams per square meter". It represents the weight of the material one meter square. Larger numbers are heavier, with more microfiber and more absorbent.

Blend is the ratio of polyester to polyamide. Higher ratio of polyamide is usually softer and more absorbent.

Material is the type of weave and physical feel of the surface yarn.

Examples: Terry, Suede, Waffle-Weave, Twist.

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The Swiss Army Knife of Towels!

This innovative towel design is constructed to make cleaning easier and more efficient.

The compact microfiber towels are folded and pre-sewn so that they can be flipped and turned inside out to use a different microfiber material.

The outside features a gray waffle weave for glass, and a gold mesh material for more aggressive scrubbing. The inside features a gray twist pile for high absorbency streak and lint free wiping, and a gold plush pile for quick detail sprays and delicate finish work. 

 The compact and multi-material design of our plush microfiber towel set makes it perfect to leave in your glove box or center console for easy access for any cleaning emergency.


8”x8”- 500/400/360/300 gsm (twist/waffle/plush/mesh) -75/25 - Double Flip Towel Design with MicroEdge -True Microfiber Edge