ADG LogoAmerican Detailer Garage is the creation of Billy Baugus, with over 20 years experience in the detailing industry, his passion is the foundation of the ADG brand. ADG's focus is on the professional detailer working daily in the #TRENCHES.  Our commitment to excellence is displayed through each product's VERSATILE SIMPLICITY. Our products are backed with the support of a worldwide internet community.

The results speak for themselves!

[Wipeout] Hybrid Wash is the backbone of the product lineup. The super concentrated rinseless wash product excels at No Rinse Wash methods, as a Glass Cleaner, Interior Cleaner, and as a Quick Detail Spray. 

[F-Bomb] Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a soap based all purpose cleaner designed to work safely on many different surfaces. With great foaming properties it excels as a pre-soak decontamination product. Use it on wheels and fabrics (at various dilution ratios). 

[Valor] Spray Sealant is an amazing synthetic spray wax. The high gloss and slick finish of ADG's car cleaner spray lasts from 3-6 months and provides unmatched UV protection. Use this spray on car cleaner as a drying aid as a part of your maintenance wash process.