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January 2024 Sale of the Month: Half Half Saver Applicators

January 2024 Sale of the Month: Half Half Saver Applicators

The battle between coatings and microfiber applicators has been an ongoing issue in the detailing industry. Until now, one of the main complaints about microfiber applicators has been their tendency to absorb too much product. Enter the revolutionary Saver Applicator Half/Half! 

The Saver Applicator Half/Half is unique in that it features a suede side and a terry side, with a hydrophobic material layer in between. This material prevents excess coating product from soaking through the microfiber to the sponge, making for a more efficient and cost-effective application.

Half Half Saver Applicators | Half Terry Coating Applicators from Autofiber

Coatings are becoming increasingly popular, but they have a lower viscosity than traditional waxes, making them more prone to being soaked up by standard microfiber applicators. The Saver Applicator solves this problem and minimizes excess product buildup, which can become gummy and tacky as the coating begins to cure.

With the Saver Applicator, applying coatings has never been easier, quicker, or more efficient. It's the perfect tool for detailers who want to get the most out of their expensive coating products and save money in the process. Say goodbye to wasted product and hello to a perfect, clean finish, every time.

This incredible coating tool is 20% off from January 1st-8th - no code needed!

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