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Build your Brand! - Custom Printing on Microfiber Towels

Build your Brand! - Custom Printing on Microfiber Towels

Hook up your Customers!

We want to help you, as a professional detailer and business owner, promote your detailing business and brand. One way to do this is with custom printed microfiber products.

We can print your company logo on a selection of our microfiber towels (low pile and light color) and bags [Swag Sack].

We use a special dye transfer process on our custom printed microfiber towels which transfers the image all the way into the fibers. Unlike screen printing, or embroidery, dye-sublimation doesn’t cover or change the cleaning capabilities of the microfiber fabric.

Our printing does not scratch!

They dye is transferred to the fabric one print at a time, with special paper, ink/dye, and a heat press.

First, we prepare your logo to print onto the transfer paper, by flipping it horizontally (mirror image)
Second, we print the image onto the transfer paper.
Third, we use a heat press to vaporize the dye so that it leaves the paper and is impregnated into the microfiber fabric.

Each custom printed microfiber towel or bag is carefully prepped and printed one-by-one.

Leave a Lasting Impression

We think that you, the detailing professional, should focus (along with your great service and finished product) on building your business’ brand. A newly detailed car leaves a lasting impression with a customer, and you should try to leave an exceptional impression, with regard to your brand and business, with every customer.

A great idea for branding your business detailers is to leave your customers with a custom printed microfiber towel with your logo and branding. A custom towel with your business contact will work better than a business card. The customer will have a functional item, that they will keep in their car for emergency clean ups, and the logo on the printed microfiber fabric towel will remind them of your great business and service every time.

Examples of great products for custom printing.

No Streak Freak

Swag Sack
Loose Change Bag
The Ordering Process

Place your order for our custom printed microfiber towels on the website
We will email you immediately
Reply with your artwork attached
We will evaluate your artwork and consult with you on the design (please, send your artwork: Ready to Print)
We will print a proof, and send you a picture for approval.
Once approved we will print and ship your order.

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