Learn all about GSM in our updated article: What is GSM?. We explain what GSM means and what it doesn't. We explain why it is an important number to use when comparing towels. You will learn how to calculate the GSM of a material with a scale and a tape measure. 

We have have an expansive selection of towels ranging in GSM from 260 gsm all the way up to 1100 gsm. 

260 gsm Towels:

300 gsm Towels: 

340 gsm Towels:

350 gsm Towels:

360 gsm Towels: 

400 gsm Towels:

470 gsm Towels:

550gsm Towels:

600/700gsm Towels:

1100gsm Towels:

1200gsm Towels: 




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