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Saver Sheet & Block - Towel of the Month Club

Saver Sheet & Block - Towel of the Month Club

Have you seen the new Saver Sheet and Block? 

It is this Month's Towel of the Month Club Shipment!

The Saver Block and Sheet are a deconstructed version of our innovative and patented Saver Applicator, with a plastic barrier layer that prevents excess coating product from being wasted in the foam of the applicator. 

This version of the applicator uses the 4"x4" Saver Sheets, which are two sided microfiber with the barrier layer in between, which prevents the coating form soaking though to the other side. 

The dual density foam block has two narrow strips of velcro on the sides of the applicator, which hold the sheet in place while allowing the softer foam to contour to the surface being protected. 

The separate towel and foam parts allow you to reduce cost and cut down on waste since the foam part can be reused, and the microfiber discarded. 

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