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New [Mitt on a Stick] Infinite Pole

New [Mitt on a Stick] Infinite Pole

New Features: 

  • Angled End 
  • Sectional 
  • Full Foam Grip


Angled End

The angle bend (8 degree) at the end of the pole allows access to higher horizontal surfaces, like roofs and taller hoods. 

The increased angle adds extra clearance to allow the pole to work further from the surface being cleaned. 


The new sectional design comes with 3 parts: Handle, Center, End. To create a 61" long car wash mop. 

Multiple Center sections can be added to make 78" (2 centers), 96" (3 centers), 114" (4 centers).

The innovative internal thread connection system attaches firmly and never untwists during use. It provides extra structural integrity for longer poles. 

Full Foam Grip

The foam grip fully covers the aluminum pole sections to help protect vehicle surfaces from accidental hits when cleaning. 

The soft foam provides extra grip in wet conditions. 

Order the Mitt on a Stick with the new Sectional Pole HERE

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