[WIPEOUT] Rinseless Wash Concentrate - Gallon

[WIPEOUT] Rinseless Wash Concentrate - Gallon
$ 59.99

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American Detailer Garage [Wipeout] Hybrid Wash is an eco-friendly car wash solution that offers an array of cleaning options. From exteriors to interiors, Wipeout Hybrid Wash is safe on all surfaces. Use it as a rinseless wash, waterless wash/quick detailer, clay lubricant, and powerful glass cleaner. 

Wipeout waterless wash concentrate works extremely well with our [Korean Plush] and [Elite] Detailing Towels, as well as our [No Streak Freak] Glass Towels.


  • Rinseless Wash can be diluted at ratios from 1:384. 1:256. 1:128 depending on desired cleaning ability. 
  • Waterless wash 1:32
  • Clay lubricant 1:10
  • Powerful Glass Cleaner 1:256




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