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Flips, Bags and Buckets

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New Flip Towels 

We are excited to add to our innovative lineup of flip towels, which are folded and pre-sewn so that they can be turned inside out, providing more wiping surfaces. Following in the design of the Original [Double Flip] Rinseless Wash Towels, which provide the benefit of a towel and mitt, for rinseless wash techniques, we have added a bright green version. Many detailers like to color code their wash towels and mitts, using one color for the upper sections of the car and another color for the lower sections of the car (which are typically more dirty). 

We have also added a 1200 GSM 70/30 blend version with our ultra-fine yarn, for Spray Wax and Sealant application. The [Double Flip 70.30]. We really like this towel for use with ADG Valor, and Manett’s Showstopper.

We have also introduced our new “Swiss Army Towel” The [Multi Flip], which is designed to be left in your, or your customers car, in the case of emergencies. It is made with four different types of Microfiber material, 400gsm Waffle for Glass, 500gsm Twist for Drying, 360gsm Plush for Paint and Dusting, and 300gsm Mesh for Bug Scrubbing and Upholstery. The compact design will store easily in your glove box or center console.

The flip series towels are rounded out by the [Double Glass Flip], which as two alternating types of microfiber for the ultimate glass cleaning performance. Use the 400gsm waffle material to scrub the glass surface with your favorite glass cleaner, and flip it over to buff and dry, streak free with the 500gsm Twist material. When the outside sections of the towel are soiled or over saturated, Flip it inside out for two more clean dry surfaces of waffle and twist material.

Sorting & Storage Bags

In the tradition of innovative Autofiber products which solve problems and make detailing easier we have developed the [Sort & Store Bucket Bags]. These suede microfiber bags are designed to fit perfectly in a standard 5 gallon round bucket, and are marked with typical towel sorting labels (paint, glass, wheel, drying, etc.). 

Place the bag in a bucket and wrap the bag opening around the lip of the bucket. Fold and stack your new or laundered towels neatly in the marked bags to keep towels for different cleaning tasks separated and organized. Pull the bag drawstring to lift and close the bag opening. These are great for mobile detailers or shops with limited space.

Buckets and Sprayers with Vinyl Labels

Check our new Wipeout and F-Bomb labeled IK Sprayers. We love using American Detailer Garage products in the IK sprayers, so we made some sweet vinyl stickers to mark the IK Multi 1.5 (for Wipeout) and the IK Foam 1.5 (for F-Bomb).

We also have buckets for Wash, Rinse, Wheel, and Soak, with Autofiber branded vinyl stickers!



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